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Alexandria Pyramid

  • Alexandria Pyramid
  • Alexandria Pyramid

The Alexandria Pyramid allows you to run XBTX mining, Transcendence Proof of Storage, Telos staking, ETH mining and to run a Transcendence Trusted Node*

*Requires a keyfile not part of this offering.

You have the control about it via a GUI (Transcendence Dashboard)

We are offering 42 systems limited to 1 per customer.

A 4TB SSD Raid 1 is the basic configuration.

Within germany we provide a bring and pickup up(if broken) service inlcuded in the price.

You get early access to Alexandria, CryptoMages NFT cards and the Telos R dryrun tests.


4TB Version, 64GB DDR4, 6 core 3.8GHZ Ryzen, Nvidia 1660